Sunday, September 29, 2013

Earth Fare Block Party was a success!!

Yesterday was wonderful! The weather was perfect to have an outdoor festival. Lots of Handmade Trade crafters were there. I am pretty sure that they all did well. We had lots of traffic through our tent and Kiddo made portraits of customers for $1 each to earn money for a book. She did! She got to buy it on her way home. :-)

We started the day with a rather full tent and by the end of the day, we fit what was left into one bin! It feels great to know how many smiles we inspired yesterday. That is the fun part. I had a lot of fun creating the pieces that debuted. I will post a few here.

This was one of the new pieces I brought with me yesterday. Bride of Dollenstein. 
Suzy Sweetheart came along as well. Darling lady. She was sold, but I had to bring her home for a different set of legs.
The Ewbies were met with delight. I am excited to work more on this group of characters. And their storyline.

Some little cuties didn't get finished yet so they didn't make it to the table.
Today, Timmy Toofy should get all finished. He is quite a little charmer. I think he needs a trick or treat bag. 
Hilda Hugginbrum will get her dress and broom soon. She has lots of work to do! It's almost Halloween month and there are so few cobwebs around! 

There are more things in store, so keep an eye out. (Just remember to wear a patch!)

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