Sunday, January 13, 2013

Prickly Project

    A friend posted an adorable crochet cactus pincushion to my facebook wall. I said "awww" and went on reading the wall of cat memes and instagram photos of lunches and clouds. That cactus kept needling from the back of my brain until I couldn't ignore it any longer.
    I had no pattern, but I had an idea. I started crocheting a green sphere. This couldn't be too hard since I had done dolly parts before. It may be quite a simple project, but it felt great to work from no pattern at all and be able to reproduce this pincushion from just a picture. As I said, I didn't have a pattern, but I have noted my steps. If you know crochet, then this should be simple to follow and create your own plan. If you don't know crochet then skip ahead to the picture of the chihuahua in glasses. It is cute. You will  giggle.
    Using Red Heart yarn in green and a size F crochet hook, I began a sphere. I chained 2 and SC into the 2nd chain from the hook a few times. (No, I do not know exactly how many.) Single crocheted with increases the same way I would have started a crochet dolly head. I pulled this out a couple of times until I got the size correct for my vision. I didn't begin the decreases to make the ball head shape. I continued crocheting in the round to get an elongated tube. I added the acrylic safety lock eyes at this point and added some stuffing. I slip stitched the green yarn to end the round and changed to the brown/sandy homespun for the dirt in the pot. I added a bit more stuffing at this point. I increased on the first row to give it an actual potted plant shape. I did two or three rounds of the dirt section before slip stitching and switching to the brown I used for the pot. I decreased a couple of times to give it a flower pot shape. I finished stuffing the pin cushion and added three metal washers that matched the diameter of the flower pot's bottom before aggressively decreasing to flatten the bottom and close it. To complete the rim of the pot, I chained the number it took to wrap around the pot. When it was snug, I connected the chain into a circle by slip stitch and crocheted continuously until the rim was the width I wanted for my pot. I finished the round with a slip stitch and slipped the rim onto the pot and tacked it into place with a needle and brown thread. I added straight pins from my sewing kit and (TA-DA!) it was a cactus pincushion.
    As promised, here is a chihuahua with glasses. You deserve it. Giggle. No, I mean it. Giggle, now.

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