Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve!

Hello, Friends!

Looks like we survived the alpaca lips. Now to survive Christmas.

I have been busy this summer/fall with craft fairs and online sales. It feels nice to have a vacation to make things for my family. Kiddo has finally received a few Mommy-made things and there are more under the tree!

Her first request was an OmNom. The little green fellow from the game Cut the Rope. I didn't know these toys were available. I created one using a ball pattern that I tweaked then sewed felt on for the face. The legs were created separately and stitched on after with a yarn needle. He was a hoot to make because he is just so cute. I didn't wait for Christmas because my excitement bubbled over. He was a hit!!

I hope her response is just as excited when she gets her other gifts.