Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reading Folk Art Halloween by Bethany Lowe

I received my new book shipment from Crafter's Choice book club a couple of weeks ago and I have had great fun going through every page. I have seen inspiring photos and read great tips and instructions. I am quite happy with my choice to splurge and buy several books. Crafter's Choice has a clearance section and I was torn between a large number of crafty bits. I chose two regularly price books and two on sale. With shipping, clearance prices, and the B1G1 sale, I only spent $30!

The book that has my attention currently is Bethany Lowe's Folk Art Halloween out by Lark Books.

I have enjoyed reading about Bethany as much as I enjoyed reading about her artwork. It is wonderful to read about mothers who are crafty and whose family supports them. She thanks her family for their support and her children for being "willing to put up with a mom who baked Sculpy hands instead of cookies." I am that kind of mom. Our school projects often feature buttons, beads and ribbon from my studio.

The designs in this book give more than a wink to nostalgia. The 26 pages at the end of the book are filled with images and patterns for enlarging and copying. Multiple vintage Halloween folk art images are handed to you so that you can recreate the wonderful creations Lowe has dreamed up.

Our family loves Halloween so much that I am sure no one would object to leaving up the decorations year round. Everyone in the house has looked through this book since it arrived and we each have found our favorites. Personally, the paper clay and fabric witch doll, who graces the cover, has captured my heart. I have plans to create a few of them for Halloween gifts. I also adore the Papier Mache masks. They are based on late 1800 to early 1900 masquerade masks. I am in love with the kitty cat mask and look forward to getting my hands into paper clay again. My daughter loves everything dress-up so she has already requested a pink kitty cat mask.

This book has inspiration and instruction to make some really great folk art decor. The "Getting Started" portion of the book is informative and gives tips on a variety of crafting techniques that ate used in the tutorials. The materials and tools lists are in depth and well explained for each project. The photography is well done and engaging as well. This book is as fun to leaf through as it is read for direction. I hope you have the chance to enjoy it sometime, too.

PS - You should take a minute to Google papier mache masks images. Amazing work and wonderfully inspiring images. Oh! I can't wait to get to work.

(NOTE: I have yet to attempt any of the enlargements. Some readers have said that the enlargements were difficult. Attempting to reach 400% enlargement and so on. I always take my important projects to a local copy place for enlargements and sometimes have to patch together patterns. I don't foresee difficulty with these patterns, but I wanted to give you the warning.)

(Also: No one from Crafter's Choice, Lark Books, or Bethany Lowe Designs asked for, paid for, or demanded this review. I chose to share my thoughts on this book because I liked it and I thought you guys would, as well.)

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