Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It twill or it won't.

     Is it spring or something? Not yet, but there IS a spring in my step today. I went to the fabric store on this beautiful sunny day and had an opportunity to hand out several cards, found out about a new classroom space that might materialize in the coming weeks, AND found some great deals on remnants.
     Hancock Fabrics in Johnson City has some of the most cheerful and helpful workers. I picked up some twill tape and a permanent fabric marker so I can create the tags for my purses, dolls and aprons. It was on sale!! I saw the idea a couple of weeks ago online (probably Pinterest since I spend hours pouring over the pins there) and wanted to try it out. I really dislike the idea of ordering professional tags since I like keeping my costs/prices down. So I am hoping to make my own. I hope with a permanent quilting pen and a thorough heat setting, the ink will stick well.

     I wish my printer would allow me to print directly on the tape as Spunkyarn did. But I have an inexpensive printer which rarely prints on paper! See Spunkyarn's tumblr entry here.

Click here for a link to some Twill Tape Cuteness like the photo to the left!

I will have to add some pictures to this post after I have some success (or failure) to show off. Have a great evening all! I know I twill. (heehee)

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