Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Shop Local with Earth Fare is about to wrap up the holiday event.

Hey, All. The Shop Local event that has been so much fun at Earth Fare this month is drawing to a close. There are only two days left: Thursday, Dec 22 and Friday, Dec 23.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Stuck in bed today. Boo.

     How I love the fall/winter and when Mother Nature cannot decide if she wants rain and chilly or frosty and COLD. So my response is first to have a few weeks of "eh. Maybe I am getting sick. Maybe not." The next (and current) reaction after a little while of this flip-flopping weather is to have an evil cold sneak in and shut down my ability to speak without whining, increase my moodiness tenfold, make me both too sleepy to get up and yet too restless to sleep, and make me feel as useless as a magazine rack in the shower. So, oh goody. I am sick.

     I figured, since standing takes a lot of effort (our house must have become a sailing vessel since the rooms seem to sway in a way they did not yesterday), I would work on my recently neglected blog.

     "Why have you been away so long, Kitty? Where are the great tutorials we discussed? WHY HAVEN'T YOU MADE ME FABULOUS YET?" asked my blog the minute I logged in. Gee. Pushy much? To answer those questions. I have been working in the studio quite a bit. Holidays are always crazy. Ask anyone and they say this. Even those folks who spend no time laboring over decorating, have their Christmas shopping finished in one day, and have rather gentle family dinners each year will tell you, "Wow! It has been just crazy this holiday season." I say bah-humbug to them. You know crazy holidays when you craft for your own family's gifts as well as create custom works for others to give as gifts AS WELL AS craft for trade shows and bazaars. A few nights ago, I was up sewing until 4:30, then a quick shower, then a couple of hours sleep until the alarm rang at 7. I got up and served breakfast to my kiddo who had very important learning and kindergartening to do, sent her out the door full and festive, then went back to sewing. Somewhere in there, I answered quite possibly 643 phone calls, paid bills via online sites, did minor (oh so minor) housecleaning then went to pick up kiddo from her crayon-filled learning establishment in the afternoon. I. Was. Tired. So, yes, in my holiday craziness, I have neglected the blog a bit. I apologize, Blogspot, please forgive. I will be adding another tutorial very soon. Promise.

     I have been working on diversifying my crafts/gifts inventory a bit. I have been adding a few new goodies to the dolls and stuffies but the fun stuff lately has been making the bags and aprons. It is refreshing to step out of my normal routine and shake it up a bit. I have found that patterns (I rarely use them) can be pretty fun! I made a few reversible bags that are pretty neat. I like them and most of my clients have enjoyed looking through them when they pick up custom dolly orders. I look forward to getting them out for sale.

     After some mild-mannered complaining over the last few days about being tired of sewing...I am now in withdrawals. I am trying to imagine a contraption that might allow me to be reclined in bed and still able to drift off for momentary naps (like the three that have happened since I began this post) yet also let me cut and sew some dollies. Ugh. Being sick is not my favorite thing to do. I hope, after another swig of particularly gross cough medicine, a few squeezes of nasal spray and a well timed nap (beginning ASAP) that I feel well enough to head to the studio. Wish me luck, straight seams...and chicken soup.