Saturday, November 26, 2011

UFO Sightings and Assisting the Home Crafter

     No. I do not have an assistant. How lovely that might be. I am not keeping up with everything very well. Haha. I found yarn in a bag the other day that I didn't recognize. So, much like my daughter and her friend did a couple weeks ago, I began to pull it. I pulled...and pulled winding it around my hand still wondering what it was doing in a purse?! I stopped pulling when I noticed the kinks in the yarn proving that I was, indeed, frogging something. Eeeeek! It all came rushing back to me in a nightmarish flood. There wrapped around my hand was most of my progress on a sweater I had started for my little girl for Christmas!!

     So, here I sit, sipping tea, wondering why it is noon when it seems like 9am was only moments ago. I am halfway into Saturday after Thanksgiving which should mean all the Christmas creations are complete... they are not. Time management has always been a bit of a difficult thing for the artist in me. I get distracted by ideas and go off to begin another project before I have finished the first. Fear of forgetting that grand idea (before I get it started) is my downfall. They are called UFOs. Unfinished objects. I have many of them. Apparently, I have ones that I may have forgotten. :-(  My requested orders somehow make it to finished by the date due (with a few exceptions based on crazy circumstances) so I must be doing something right. The items without deadlines, though. are sometimes doomed to sit on the "In the Works" shelf for a dust-collecting minute.

     My goal today is to create a schedule. This wonderfully organized reference tool will be amazingly helpful...if I finish it! Aaaaaaand it will only work for a couple of weeks. My child and husband will go on Christmas break soon and my work-from-home will be shuffled aside til the wee hours so that we can play towering games of Jenga together, watch Christmas movies, and eat enough home baked goodies to move us well into the next pants size.

     So off I go into the land of half-beaded cowboys and unpainted Halloween sculptures (so embarrassing), incomplete embroidered dolls and cloth cut into the shapes of chickens (?), skeletal armatures with polymer heads that never grew bodies and partially crocheted sweaters. I have a plan if I don't get distrac... oh, look shiny.... 

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