Sunday, November 13, 2011

No more cold feet

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I have been sick. Nasty sick. I have had fevers and headaches and trips to the ER and injections that hurt and medicines to fix the problems from the injections and ...whew. I am tired but extremely bored of sitting around accomplishing little more than whining, napping and boiling in my skin.

I have crafty ideas that I would love to work on, but sadly I have no energy. It has been pajamas, juice and blankets for the last few days. Yuck. Somehow, even with a fever that makes me want to take my skin off like a coat and hang it up (eeeww), my feet have been so very cold. I fear frostbite when this whole sick thing has passed. My piggies feel like Popsicles! I have lost one of my favorite Hello Kitty slippers and have no others to tromp from bed to couch to bed in. It makes me (and my frozen piggies) sad. So I have started looking into making homemade slippers. I have found fabulous links with great patterns and (as soon as I feel a bit better) my feet will be chilly no more.

The first link I found gave me ideas for some great vintage cowboy and Victorian romance fabrics I have. (Thanks to my friend Bob B. for bringing those gifts to me.)
I absolutely love the Prudent Baby site. I have several friends who are expecting and this site has given me one million and six gift ideas. Maybe I am stretching the number a bit, but the site has given me quite a few ideas for gifts. The neat thing about the site is that not everything (like these slippers) is baby related. It is definitely one to check out if you haven't already. Once I start going through crafties on their site, I find the clock speeds up and suddenly an hour has passed.

The second site I love about slipper making is great because it reuses old sweaters.
Keep your feet warm with these cute slippers made from an old sweater.
I really like this because I try to reuse clothing that might not be in wearable condition. A little cutting sewing and crochet edging and you have an adorable pair of slippers. Simple and green!!

Third (and also the one I am working on tomorrow) is a crochet pattern. It looks simple and I have yarn on hand already just staring at me with no project in mind. Til now!
Just look how sweet!! how to make simple crochet slippers free pattern free tutorial free picture tutorial free picture pattern

These slippers may be my gift go-to from now on!!

If you like these but don't know how to crochet, learn how with Lion Brand Yarn:


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