Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh, hi, Ohio! Your Dolly Dolly is on the way.

   If you can overlook the obvious changes in lighting, I will show you one of my favorite dolls. She began as a funny little sketch.
   A customer ordered a doll that looked like her little girl. The guidelines were: roughed up dolly, no frills, chubby, and NO PINK. I looked at pictures of the little girl and fell in love with a less than happy picture of a really adorable little girl.
   The little dolly was easily my favorite from the beginning. I used a different stuffing method with her. Her hands, feet and bottom were loaded with poly pellets. I wanted the weight to make her more stable as a shelf sitter. No stand required! I continued stuffing her with polyester fiberfill.
**(This is standard for my dolls since it is hypoallergenic.
I sometimes use other materials and I am sure to list the filling on the description list.)
   The arms and legs were sewn separate from the head/body. This was a fun change since it required more hand stitching than I normally do. I had relied on the machine a great deal to create the body for my dolls until trying this new method. I toted her along with me on errands, stitching a bit here and a bit there til she was finished. (I really just wanted to carry her around with me!!)

   After putting her body together, I embroidered her simple facial features and her primitive hair sprigs. At that point, she had an undeniable personality. I had planned to sew her with her hand on her hip, but her expression called for crossed arms. Defiance!! Her missing button (replaced with an "x") gave her a little toughness. I don't think I would try taking candy from this baby! Speaking of candy, I gave her a green lollipop. It was an over sized wooden bead on a short dowel rod. I chose green since she seems like a sour apple kinda girl. Her dress was from bits of cotton blend cloth. She does NOT do pink, so her colors were more sedate. No bright flowers, no frilly bows.

(This photo was taken BEFORE she was completed. The lighting is a bit more yellow than I would have liked.)

   Later, I added a thin line of vintage lace at the skirt and the neckline. She was finished up when I painted lovely little Maryjanes on her little feet and tucked the lollipop into her arms. She and her brother (another doll for the same customer, her other child) were signed, packaged lovingly, and shipped to their new home.

   I think she might be my favorite (sorry Bride of Frankenstein) doll, to date, that I have worked with. It may have been the change in methods, the difference in stuffing, or the difficulty that those changes added to this hand sewn projects.

   This is the brother and sister set. She with her lolli and he with his monkey. Thank you, Sara, for the great pictures.

  This is Burp, the monkey, ever present sidekick of Big Brother. He was needlefelted from wool roving to create the perfect little pal for this stuffed fella.


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  1. Ah! I'm hoping to be the first one to comment on your blog. I have a specific doll in mind. :)
    Also, I'm loving the blog. It's neat to see the "behind the scenes" action.
    -Meredith Mitchell