Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy, happy news!

There is (finally) one item in the Etsy shop. I am happy and quite excited to see Currently for Sale has a listing!! *happy dance, happy dance, starts wheezing, sits back down   I will be posting more items after some new pics are added and measurements taken.

I got a great deal on business cards and promotional postcards with Those will be in this week (fingers crossed). They are adorable cards with a picture of little Abilene. I will be proud to hand those everyone. :-) *happy dance again, more wheezing, sits once more.

Dates will be posted soon for the doll workshop at Shakti (, the craft show, and the ETSU art sale. Lots of great things are moving along. There is even a catalog brochure in the works!! I really did not think that so many people would express an interest in my dolls. I am oh so appreciative of the support and encouragement from all my friends, old and new.

Its time to log off the interwebs and get "all wrapped up" in work again today. teehee

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