Thursday, July 7, 2011

Address Change Form is Necessary!

There is only one possiblity standing between us and a new house. If that sweet little box of home-iness passes the radon testing this weekend, she is ours. If not, we have to wait for the seller to correct and mitigate the gases.

So, as long as there are no natural disasters (or gases) at the address, Dolly Dolly and the rest of us will be relocating. There is so much to be done. The boxes are stacked in the kitchen with care, hoping that (with the upcoming yardsale) less items to pack will soon be there. We have been sorting and getting rid of things since we signed the contract. The (current) house looks like it has been robbed! There are empty spaces on every shelf and the artwork has been taken off the walls.

The past few weeks have been filled with long drives, paperwork, a sick relative, and many, many chewed fingernails. With all those distractions, I didn't realize my container garden on the porch has been working hard. I have barely had time to water the plants (thank goodness for rain) before running off on another road trip. even with the abandonment issues my plants have surely developed, they are still reaching out with produce. Teensy sweet green peppers, reddening cherry tomatoes, and there...what's that there??...YES! sweet little strawberries. Downside?? The bees and me. Not a huge fan of stinging divebombers. But I overlook them so I can enjoy a bit of time on the deck staring at those sweet little plants. Plants! OH! Did I mention, the new house has a garden?! The seller has a garden with tomatoes, peppers and squash growing happily in the corner. This garden looks like it will reach maturity after we have possession of the property. There may be a few pluckable pretties before we get there, but the later fruits will be ours.

(This was written 7/7/11. Update: The house obviously passed all tests and is now ours.)

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