Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heavy is the Hand that Wears the Splint

Moved in? Check. Boxes ready to be unpacked in craft room? Check.
Inevitable hand injury that halts all things right hand related?? Yep.

Dang it! I managed to work on this house for the last couple weeks with no major injuries. I even had a smashed hand (an altercation between the moving dolly and the door frame which my hand just HAD to jump into and get caught in the middle) which recovered quickly and only slowed me down for a bit. I have either recovered from or avoided injuries altogether and THOUGHT I was on the road to new studio set up this week. Instead, I spent a coupld hours in the ER last night to find out that I have developed rheumatoid flexor tenosynovitis. Freakin ouch. I am now one hand typing and have quite the splint on a finger of my right hand making it rather useless.

Will Dolly Dolly Oxen Free die under all this fabulous frenzy and crashing of waves?  Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion of 'The Dolls that Cannot be Made" (yet)