Saturday, July 9, 2011

Still Available: Sylvia

A tall drink of water at 18 inches.
She longs to be a dancer like her sister Serena who is going New York very soon. She wears dresses with skirts that fly out if she spins very fast.  She hopes to be discovered when she grows up, too. She wants to leap and twirl across the stage. She wants to have roses thrown at her feet as she thanks the crowd after a brilliant performance. Oh, the costumes and tights, her name in lights, won't it be grand? Her legs are long and her dreams are large.

Sylvia is an art doll. Your decision to allow a child to play with her is your own. She is not washable and is best cared for with only a dry cloth and a gentle dusting. Clothing and body made with cotton blends, stuffed with fiberfill, with a craft wire skeleton. The hair is eyelash yarn, sewn and needle felted on. Eyes are safety lock acrylic. Facial details hand painted.

Sylvia is now at home with her new family and dreams of inviting them to a recital one day soon.

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  1. Sylvia has been given a home. She is gracing the stage (shelf) of a friend who was truly deserving of a thank you gift.